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What is Solar Energy?


New to solar? Allow us to introduce you.

We’ve put together an overview of solar energy and why you should make the switch.  



How can The Solar Family help to reduce my energy bills?

The installation of a solar system can help to reduce your energy bills in two ways:

  1. By using solar energy as a power source, you’ll lower your dependence on your energy provider, which will assist in reducing your energy bills.

  2. If your solar power system produces more energy than you use, excess energy will feed back into the main electricity grid. When this happens, your energy retailer will buy this excess electricity at an agreed price (known as a feed-in tariff). This will also help to lower your overall energy expenses.



What are some of the benefits of switching to solar?

  • Solar panels produce zero carbon emissions once they’ve been manufactured

  • Once installed, they have the potential to lower your power bills 

  • Using solar power can reduce the power grid’s reliance on fossil fuels and provide remote homes and communities with a degree of energy independence. In other words, solar panels are a great way for you to take control of your energy needs.



Is Australia in a good location to utilise solar energy?

The Australian continent has the highest solar radiation per square metre of any continent in the world. Consequently, we have access to some of the best solar energy resources in the world.

The regions with the highest solar radiation are the desert regions in the northwest and centre of the continent.



How is solar energy generated? 

Solar power is generated when energy from the sun (sunlight) is converted into electricity or used to heat air, water, or other fluids. 

There are two main types of solar energy technologies, Solar Thermal and Solar photovoltaic.

Solar thermal is the conversion of solar radiation into thermal energy (heat). Thermal energy carried by air, water, or other fluid is commonly used directly, used for space heating, used to generate electricity using steam and turbines, and used to heat hot water systems. Solar thermal is typically designed for large-scale power generation.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) converts sunlight directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells. PV systems can be installed on rooftops, integrated into building designs and vehicles, or scaled up to megawatt scale power plants. PV systems can also be used in conjunction with concentrating mirrors or lenses for large-scale centralised power.



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